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Full name

Jos Venti


Illustrator / Concept Artist


I'm an illustrator with experience and interest in animation, game assets, and promo material.

Past clients include Valve, Homestuck, Studio Yotta , Brawlhalla, Knight Club, and Square Enix.

In 2015 I graduated from Pratt Institute's Communication Design program.

During my college years I created merchandise with Valve and ForFansByFans for TF2 and Dota2.
I then went on to paint backgrounds for animations like OK KO, Eddsworld, Homestuck, and Brawlhalla.

Recently I've been designing characters for games. I designed monsters, trading cards, and promo art for the upcoming game Holofist. I also created NPC's for another upcoming game, Cornucopia.

Looking forward to the next adventure!